Caffeinated Mind, Inc.


CMI is joining Facebook!

We're extremely excited to announce that Caffeinated Mind is joining Facebook!

When CMI first started, we wanted to change the way files moved online. That vision has evolved over the last year through our experience at YCombinator, where since launching Sendoid we've moved countless files for our users and then later went on to tackle big data transfer problems for enterprises with Expresso. The journey has been incredible, and we've learned more than we had ever hoped while making our little dent in the world.

We can't think of a better place to continue this journey than Facebook, where we'll be developing internal tools to improve the inner workings of the company and product, applying our technical and product expertise to their rapidly growing service.

Over the next two weeks, we'll be winding down Sendoid and closing the corporate pilot for Expresso. We're hyper-concerned about data here, and our users can rest assured that we have fully purged all transfer history logs on our servers and that we retain no personal data from our users.

From the entire Caffeinated Mind team, we thank our users for helping us to get where we are today!